Do's And Don'ts After Getting An Engagement Ring

Do’s And Don’ts After Getting An Engagement Ring

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Do's And Don'ts After Getting An Engagement Ring

Engagement ring symbolizes dedication love and commitment between you and your partner. I’m pretty sure that you’d like to take proper care of an issue ring, so that you looks just as brilliant as the daily body. Today I’ll be sharing you the do’s and don’ts after getting an engagement ring.

Do’s After Getting An Engagement Ring

  1. Always remember to remove your engagement ring when going for a swim. Most if not all so important in scoring  which may damage your besetting.
  2. Try to always leave your engagement ring at the same place at home, before going to your destination.
  3. Dry your diamond using a new lint free cloth whenever it gets wet or use a blow dryer.
  4. Handle your engagement ring by holding onto the band in the side of the diamond.
  5. Clean your engagement ring once a week using that it’s a mix of diluted liquid soap, water and a toothbrush to maintain its brightness and sparkle.
  6. Bring your engagement ring to your jeweler for regular prongs check once every 1-2 year.
  7. Wear your diamond ring every day to flaunt.
  8. Take off your engagement ring every night before you go to bed.
  9. Keep your diamond ring on the jewelry tray or soft pouch.

Don’ts After Getting An Engagement Ring

  1. Don’t remove your engagement ring in public or unfamiliar places. Try not to make it public or unfamiliar places as you may lose your ring.
  2. Try not to wipe your engagement ring with paper towel or tissues at each zebra fibers which we need these on leeks.
  3. Don’t touch or grab the center stone and is mainly fingerprint marks of oil the diamond.
  4. Don’t use bleach or other strong cleaning agents and abrasive sheet.
  5. Please don’t attempt to tighten your engagement ring by using pliers that’s make damage your ring.
  6. Don’t wear your diamond ring to gym or while doing vigorous activities.
  7. Don’t wear your ring overnight especially during pregnancy its be get stuck.
  8. Don’t keep your diamond ring with other diamond jewelries.
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